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Breakdown Recovery

This is an add-on service that extends your breakdown and recovery service to include vehicle recovery to any location in the UK, instead of just the few miles that roadside assistance offers. If you have ever broken down a long way from home, without breakdown cover, you will know how costly the experience can be, both in money and time.

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All UK breakdown companies offer varying terms and conditions for their recovery services, however, you can expect them all to have the following in common.

1. Recover your vehicle to a single UK destination of your choice if your car, or other eligible vehicle, cannot be repaired at the roadside or by a local repairer in a reasonable time.

2. Transport of you and your passengers to the same destination.

3. Transport of any trailer or caravan you were towing at the time of your vehicle breakdown to the same location.

Restrictions on size and weight apply, see below for details.

Recovery services are referred to differently by the AA, RAC and Green Flag, but they all mean that your vehicle will be recovered by either towing it or transporting it on the back of a dedicated breakdown truck to any UK destination of your choice. Each company restricts this cover to exclude your home or registered address and the area within a quarter of a mile of it. If you don't want this restriction you will have to take out the home breakdown cover option.

Find out more below about how AA, RAC and Green Flag compare.

AA Rescue

Where will AA transport your vehicle to? AA breakdown rescue extends to the whole of the UK and entitles you to be towed or transported to any single UK destination as long as your breakdown occurred within the UK. Cover can also be extended to include the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, however, appropriate cover for these needs to be purchased over the phone.

Which vehicles are covered? AA offers cover for cars, vans, minibuses and motorcycles that fall within the following restrictions: maximum weight 3.5 tonnes/3,500kg and maximum width 7 feet 6 inches/2.3 metres

Maximum Call Outs. AA membership offers a yearly allowance of between 5 and 7 call outs, depending on what type and level of cover you opt for.

What are the membership options? AA recovery can be added to either vehicle cover or personal cover. (Personal includes single, joint or family membership.) All AA membership options restrict the policy to a single address.

RAC Recovery

Where will RAC transport your vehicle to? The RAC service covers the whole of the UK as well as Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. If the RAC cannot fix your vehicle or arrange for it to be repaired locally within a reasonable time then you may choose to have your vehicle recovered to any single destination in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man. Breakdown cover in Ireland is limited to Northern Ireland, however, residents of Northern Ireland with breakdown recovery are entitled to be recovered from the Republic of Ireland. The service does not include your home or registered address or the first quarter mile surrounding it, unless you take out RAC at Home cover. 

Which vehicles are covered? RAC policies are limited to either a car, pickup, car derived van, minibus, motorhome or a motorbike, with the following restrictions: maximum weight 3.5 tonnes/3,500kg, maximum length 18 feet / 5.5metres, including tow bar, and maximum width 7 feet 6 inches/2.3 metres

Maximum Call Outs. RAC membership offers a range of call out entitlements ranging from 1 call out per year, up to 9 call outs a year, depending on the level of cover, number of people covered and the length of your continuous RAC membership.

What are the membership options? National recovery is available as either a vehicle based cover (any driver), or as personal cover (any vehicle). Personal options include single, joint or family membership. When there are multiple persons on a single policy all need to be living at the same address.

Other benefits. If the driver becomes ill and is medically unfit to drive during a journey and no other passenger is able to drive the vehicle, RAC will recover your vehicle or provide a qualified driver to drive your vehicle to your desired destination, as long as medical certification is provided.

Green Flag Recovery

Where will Green Flag transport your vehicle to? Their service extends to all of the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland plus the Isle of Man. Cover is also available on Jersey and Guernsey (residents only). Green Flag offers to recover your car, or other eligible vehicle, to any single address in the UK if they cannot fix it at the roadside or a local repairer cannot fix it by the end of the working day. Cover only extends to your home address or the quarter mile surrounding it if you have recovery plus. 

Which vehicles are covered? Cars, small vans, motorhomes or motorcycles, providing they are no more than 3.5 tonnes/3,500kg in weight, no more than 7 feet 6 inches/2.3m wide, no more than 23 feet/7m long and no more than 9 feet 10 inches/3m high. Caravans and trailers are also covered if you were towing either one when the breakdown occurred, however, they must also fall within the limits set out above.

Maximum Call Outs. We can't find any maximum call out allowance, however, Green Flag offers a No Call Out Discount. What this means is that for each call out you make they will reduce your discount by 1 year's worth. Once you have reached the maximum Green Flag Discount you will be able to make 1 call out in a 3 year period without loosing any discount.

Green Flag membership options. Greenflag offers vehicle cover (any driver can drive a specified vehicle), this is the cheapest breakdown cover option, however, Green Flag now also offer personal cover (drive any car or eligible vehicle) Personal membership is limited to cars, vans, motorhomes and motorbikes under 16 years old.

Payment Options.

Annual breakdown membership - Yearly breakdown cover membership is the most common in the UK, you pay a one off payment, often on an automatic renewal contract unless you inform them you want it to stop.

Pay monthly breakdown cover membership - The AA and RAC offers monthly breakdown cover payments, this type of policy is an ongoing membership that continues until you cancel, however, you may cancel at any time giving them a months notice.

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