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AA Breakdown Cover

AA breakdown is the largest provider of vehicle breakdown & recovery services in the UK. It operates around 3,000 breakdown patrols across Britain - twice that of any other breakdown cover provider - AA fixes more vehicles at the road side than anyone else. AA was founded in 1905 and has since grown to become one of the biggest and most reliable breakdown service providers in the world. Today the AA serves approximately 15 million motorists in the UK, nearly treble that of its closest rivals, RAC and Green Flag, affording its members valuable peace of mind on each and every journey they take on the UK's roads.

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AA Cover Options

The AA has four levels of breakdown cover:

AA Roadside Assistance: This is the basic cover option accessible to all AA members. It provides 24/7 breakdown assistance across the UK road network.

AA Home Start:  An addition to Roadside Assistance the Home Start option extends breakdown cover to your home address. Useful if your car won't start in the mornings!

AA Relay (AA recovery): The Relay option adds free vehicle recovery and transfer to your home address and/or to a garage of your choice in the event that the vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside.

AA Stay Mobile (Onward Travel Cover): The most comprehensive service available from the AA, Stay Mobile provides you with options to help you continue your journey. Cover includes use of an alternative vehicle as well as financial cover for use of public transport and emergency overnight accommodation.

Compare Other Breakdown Companies

Each breakdown company offers the same basic set of policies, defined by the level of cover you choose and whether you opt for personal breakdown cover (including single, joint and family membership) or vehicle based cover. For a comparison see our AA RAC and AA Green Flag pages where you can compare prices and features offered by each company.

The AA Service

When you take out AA breakdown cover you are buying into a fast, professional and reliable breakdown service that is brimming with technical expertise. Should your vehicle break down in the UK on any public road, AA aims to be with you within an average 40 minutes of you making the call. If you qualify as a priority case - for example if you are elderly, pregnant, have children in the car or have broken down in a dangerous place - the AA will target a patrol to be with you inside of 20 - 30 minutes of your call.

Over 80% of AA call outs result in the vehicle being fixed at the roadside. In the event that the vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside, AA will arrange for the safe transfer of you and your vehicle to the nearest garage or back home.

History of AA Breakdown Services

The AA was formed in 1905 by a small group of motoring enthusiasts. Their initial aim was to help Britain's growing number of motorists avoid speed traps! The following years saw the AA establish a network of agents and repairers, as well as pioneer the use of road warning signs and signposting - a role they continued to perform through to the 1930s.

By the start of World War II the AA's membership had grown to 725,000 - equivalent to around 36% of the UK's motoring population. After the War membership continued to expand at a rapid pace as motoring became more affordable and commonplace. A night-time breakdown service debuted in 1949, and by 1967 the AA had diversified into motoring insurance.

Today all AA patrols carry state of the art technology on board their vehicles and now guarantee to fix their members cars by the roadside or get them another one.